Quantum red white

3 Bottles Quantum red & 3 Bottles Quantum white for 50,00 €
instead of 59,40 €

11,11  / l

Quantum red white

3 Bottles Quantum red & 3 Bottles Quantum white for 50,00 €
instead of 59,40 €

6 bottles of Quantum for € 50.00 instead of € 59.40 – you save 10%!

Three bottles of our Quantum red and three bottles of our Quantum white are expected in this package.

This Quantum red / white package offer only applies to the first 50 orders.

* = The price includes VAT, plus shipping.

3 x quantum red

2017 Ortenau, Cuvée red
dry, 0.75l
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3 x quantum white

2018 Ortenau, cuvée white
dry, 0.75l
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Our wines contain sulfites.


For cuvée there is the synonym blending in German.


A cuvée in German-speaking countries is a wine that contains different grape varieties.

Cuvée and assemblage

In French, on the other hand, each wine that is bottled separately is called a cuvée. It does not matter whether the wine is blended or sorted. The German meaning of the term "cuvée" corresponds in French to the word "assemblage", which denotes both the blending of different grape varieties and the end product.

How is a cuvée made?

There are various ways of producing a cuvée: On the one hand, it is possible for different grape varieties to be pressed together become. However, different types of grapes can also be fermented together in a fermentation tank, which is often used for sparkling wines. Furthermore, the third option is to mix different wines together.

The conditions for a cuvée

With a cuvée it is permissible that grapes from different vineyards, different grape varieties and vintages are used. It is important, however, that quality wines from different growing areas or table and quality wines are not blended together. This is prohibited in Germany.

Why are cuvées created?

A cuvée is created by blending wines, on the one hand the To increase the quality of the finished wine product, but also to keep the quality and taste constant over several years.

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